Do you like music? Do you know music trivia? Are you always ready to discuss about music and related issues, no matter which genre? You’re just in the right place. The great idea behind this site is that we, three music nerds, want people to listen to music and focus on it again. Ausculto is a Latin word for “listen with attention”.

Nowadays, people listen to songs from here and there, browsing and multitasking something else at the same time. Tracks and albums open in a completely different way when you focus on it. You should focus only in one sense at a time and give other senses time to relax.

Making music is not easy. Tracks can be fixed many years. Organizing the track listings can cause anxiety, not to mention the lyrics. Therefore we must give music, and especially the albums, the time they deserve. The positive effects of music we do not start to go over and over. It has been studied and the evidence has been given.

We are trying to tell people about the artists, albums and songs that we think would be worth listening to, but also why they should listen to them. We hope that people would give a chance for our suggestions and find even one single album or artist to listen to in the future. For some reason we are going to write in English too. Forgive our poor English, we are trying to advance.

The writers of Ausculto will tell more specifically about their topics and writings, so here is a brief description for start.

 “My focus is to go into the darker, more sinister and heavier side of metal. Depending on my mood the vibe can shift from true metal to darkest blackened death or black metal, so I’m completely a loose cannon.” –Miikka-Tuomas

“I listen to music of all genres, last year circa one thousand albums. You can find recommendations from others, from different eras, from other lists, from cult bands etc. From noise to jazz and from rap to techno, even pop music and classical. Although people think that I am a metalhead, I would say more of a music man. So, on my soon beginning chart you will find much more than just metal.” -Tomi

“My intention is to gather a setting of albums which are important to me, from artists from the 70’s to the 2010’s. A special mission is to listen to the albums as whole, in the same way when approaching books or movies. I also try to approach the “bright side” of popular music from different directions; Finnish and foreigners, as well as rock and pop music in its various forms.” –Atso

This is the script. Hop on board and take a look what kind of drama this is going to become!