The Essence of Metal – 13. Buffalo Springfield Sets The Way for The Coming Prog Wave


Buffalo Springfield sounds a strange band. When investigating more closely, Neil Young and Stephen Stills will come out. I’m not going to tell more about Neil Young, but Stephen Stills subsequently founded the band Crosby, Stills and Nash, which would be much more familiar than Buffalo Springfield.

The band was founded in 1966 and fame was immediately imitated. Stephen Stills has later gained publicity as a bit difficult person in his bands, and career with Neil Young didn’t make the exception. Two guitarist-singers, who wanted to be the band’s leading figures. Well, the skill and passion for music was, however, so great that the band stayed on despite minor problems.

Neil Young is no longer a great singer. In the late 60’s, Young sang very beautifully. Stills, moreover, has been given the praise of instrumental music. However the overwhelming force was the compositions that are played by this foolishly labelled example album Buffalo Springfield Again (1967).

The band is defined as folk/psychedelic/countryrock, but in the end it doesn’t seem to be any of them. The opening song, Mr. Soul, sounds like Rolling StonesSatisfaction, but has a faster tempo. The following tracks are anything between the folk-country-rock-blues-progrock-etc… Artistic but somehow confusing.

The metal connection can be found on a few riff-shaped pieces like Mr. Soul. Guitar sounds are heavy in some places too. The guitar mix includes some elements from heavy guitar duos and fuzz-sound. Even though the album isn’t the actually progressive rock album, it has been covered by metal-bands such as Rush and Queensrüche.

Watch this video just about that one of the songs mentioned above. Neil Young has a fairly intense grip on the show.