Viikon biisi (5/2018): Pearl Jam – Sirens (2013)

Pearl Jam on yhtye, jonka olemassaolon olin tiedustanut jo aiemmin, mutta jonka ensimmäinen kuuntelemani levy oli vasta Lightning Bolt vuoden 2014 helmikuussa. Joidenkin levyjen ja biisien kohdalla ensikerta jää mieleen ja tuolloin kävi juuri noin: kun albumin neljäs raita Sirens oli soinut, laitoin Spotifyn kiinni ja astelin Levy-Eskoille hankkimaan julkaisun hyllyyn.

”Sirens” on maaginen laulu. Sen säveltänyt Mike McCready on todennut inspiroituneensa käytyään Roger Watersin keikalla ja niinpä hän päätti koettaa säveltää jotain Pink Floyd-henkistä materiaalia. Biisissä onkin, ainakin allekirjoittaneen korviin, kuultavissa pinkfloydmainen utu. Akustinen kitara soi capo kolmosnauhalla, riisuen alimmat nuotit pois äänivallista. Pearl Jamissa on alusta asti vakuuttanut ja miellyttänyt vanhakantainen bändisointi, jossa tilaa ei muutenkaan täytetä ylimääräisellä. McCready komppaa akustisella ja Stone Gossard täyttelee hiljakseen sähköisellä kitaralla pienillä, delaylla maustetuilla nuoteilla. Matt Cameron ja Jeff Ament soittavat pehmeää, mutta tarkkaa ala-osastoa rytmiryhmänä. Liian harvalle huomiolle jää myös Boom Gasparin kosketinsoitantoa: ne muutamat pianofillit ovat hyvin keskeinen osa tätä laulua.

Sävellyksellisesti biisi on kaunis. Sitä on hankala pohtia ilman Eddie Vedderin laulusuoritusta. Vedder on parhaimmillaan ja koskettavimmillaan päästessään käyttämään molempia vahvuusalueitaan: sekä alarekisterin lämpö että falsetin piikki pääsevät kuulijan ihon alle välittömästi. Lisäksi kitaraefektinä soolossa käytetty viive osuu rytmiin täydellisesti, erityisesti sen loppuosassa.

Sanoituksessa Vedder käsittelee hetken katoavaisuutta ja kuolevaisuutta koskettavasti. Sävelen kaltaisesti tekstissäkään ei ole kiire. ”Let me catch my breath to breathe and reach across the bed / just to know we’re safe I am a grateful man”. Taattua Pearl Jamia, taattua Eddie Vedderiä. Henkilökohtaista ja samalla universaalia. Vaikka kaikki muuttuu, eivätkö hyvät hetket voisi säilyä häivähdyksen kauemmin? ”But all things change / let this remain”.


Hear the sirens
Hear the sirens

Hear the sirens
hear the circus so profound
I hear the sirens
more and more in this here town

Let me catch my breath to breathe
and reach across the bed
Just to know we’re safe
I am a grateful man
The slightest bit of light
and I can see you clear

Have to take your hand
and feel your breath
for fear this someday will be over
I pull you close, so much to lose
knowing that nothing lasts forever

I didn’t care, before you were here
I danced in laughter with the everafter
But all things change
Let this remain

Hear the sirens
Covering distance in the night
The sound echoing close
Will they come for me next time?

For every choice mistake I’ve made
it’s not my plan
To send you in the arms of another man
And if you choose to stay I’ll wait
I’ll understand

It’s a fragile thing
This life we lead
If I think too much I can get overwhelmed by the grace
By which we live ouy lives with death over our shoulders

Want you to know
that should I go I always loved you
held you high above, true
I study your face
and the fear goes away

TOOMIO’s TOP100: 36. Leprous – Coal

Producer: Leprous
Recorded: 2013
Released: 20.5.2013
Label: InsideOut Music

I heard about the band not until 2014. It’s really odd thing, when I think I have read the long syllabus in prog metal bands.

Surprise was still cheerful. Purely sung, original and also dark music from Norway. If must be named one new prog metal band, it could be Leprous. Simple prog metal is such a thing nowadays.

Playing, and especially the vocals, are as the album cover, like diamonds. The album is full of nicely sprinkled crackling synths and very ordinary electro pianos. Synth pads are fitted carefully. Overall is crowned by Einar Solberg‘s voice. It is fragile, rugged and so clean.

“Easy it’s not. And the band want it all. The compositions are challenging.”

The work is obviously some level of a concept album. Easy it’s not. And the band want it all. The compositions are challenging. Therefore I Liked it. The beginning of the album is particularly disjointed rhythms. From the middle to the end goes very smoothly.

Coal. Under intense pressure formed, edgy, but still rimmed material. Black, but elegant. Look like lightweighted, but is actually pretty heavy. Outwardly it’s simple, but it bends quite many uses.

This is for a terrible cold weather, while driving. Must be listen very loud.

The Valley – The best prog song of 2010s. At least close to it. I guess it playing live to require a little bit of practice.

Everything is like diamond.

Toomio’s year 2015

Year 2015. What was it musically? The year was big because Ausculto began. A monstrous amount of music is listened to. A lot of it has to shared and there has been some discussion too. Member A and Spinebrain are men in place. Without them Ausculto would be pretty much one-sided. Now there’s a side for the light, and there’s a side for the dark and me between them.

I listen to a lot of music. My friends also know it. Many asked for me the best albums of the year 2015. It is not easy to answer. Why? Because I listen to albums with retroactive effect. There’s so much good music, that all not able to take over instantly in their releasing year. I can quite certainly say what were the best albums of 2014, and even better the best albums of 2013. I can suspect, what are the best albums of 2015 on the basis of a few listening.

First, a small aggregation about the most listened to artists, albums and songs. These are not my opinion the best. These only what I’ve listened to the most.


This year, David Bowie has become very familiar, thanks to the 1001-list. Almost all of these artists has place in Toomio’s TOP100-list, and if don’t already have one, then probably will be. The success in this list is also due to the fact that I listen them very often when I’m driving.

1. Gojira
2. Kamchatka
3. Anathema
4. TesseracT
5. David Bowie
6. Stam1na
7. Type O Negative
8. Leprous
9. Soilwork
10. Blind Guardian


Kamchatka is my favourite music for driving. Groovy southern rock with a little prog-touch. Yann Tiersen I was listening much in last winter. Sara’s Kromi is a surprise. I thought that I have not listened to it so much.

1. Kamchatka — Bury Your Roots
2. Blind Guardian — Beyond the Red Mirror
3. TesseracT — One
4. Yann Tiersen — Infinity
5. Leprous — The Congregation
6. Gojira — The Way of All Flesh
7. Fallujah — The Flesh Prevails
8. Midlake — The Courage Of Others
9. Stam1na — Viimeinen Atlantis
10. Sara — Kromi


Kamchatka reigns here too. There are many Bond-songs, to which me and Mr A come back to the springtime. Got That Feeling is the song I often prepare for running competitions within.

1. Kamchatka — Bury Your Roots
2. Matt Monro — From Russia With Love
3. TesseracT — Lament
4. Chris Cornell — You Know My Name
5. Shirley Bassey — Moonraker
6. Faith No More — Got That Feeling
7. The Smashing Pumpkins — Tonight,Tonight
8. Gojira — The Silver Cord
9. Gojira — The Axe
10. Yann Tiersen — A Midsummer Evening

The above will make it possible to go to the listings of this year. I make a list of the previous two years too. Just because I want to see how the ranks will change. Today they made good music too. Not all good have been made before then.


1. Leprous – Coal
2. Daft Punk – Random Access Memories
3. TesseracT – Altered State
4. Saor – Roots
5. Queens of The Stone Age – …Like Clockwork
6. For The Imperium – Hail The Monsters
7. Sigur Rós – Kveikur
8. Omnium Gatherum – Beyond
9. The Dear Hunter – Migrant
10. Arcane Roots – Blood & Chemistry


1. Pepe & Saimaa – Saimaa (Rank in the last January 1.)
2. Opeth – Pale Communion (2.)
3. Fallujah – The Flesh Prevails (*)
4. Cynic – Kindly Bent to Free Us (*)
5. Saor – Aura (*)
6. Yann Tiersen – Infinity (*)
7. Anathema – Distant Satellites (3.)
8. The Contortionist – Language (4.)
9. Autere – Amal’l (5.)
10. ††† – ††† (8.)

And then we go to the year 2015.


It’s always going this way, that they are the best known are the first in this list. As you can see from the previous. Two Finnish album in this year.

1. Leprous – The Congreation
Great and stylish Norwegian prog / avant-garde metal. As the previous album, this was the year’s best. We will return to this.

2. Blind Guardian – Beyond The Red Mirror
Pompously there where it always has been. On the top. Good compositions, with aggressive power metal riffs.

3. Soilwork – The Ride Majestic
Long album, but not a single weak moment. If melodic death metal is your thing, take this album.

4. Deafheaven – New Bermuda
From the core of hipster metal came perfect boyfriends dressed in cashmere and wool shirts. They make that kind of black metal, which is acceptable and even desirable listen to.

5. Paradise Lost – The Plague Within
Gothic metal legends managed their comeback to harhs vocals just fine. There is everything you need to gloomy music.

6. Amorphis – Under The Red Cloud
This is something that I wouldn’t believe a year ago. I don’t like Joutsen’s vocals, but compositions are something old and traditional, strong Finnish metal.

7. Enslaved – In Times
This could be Norwegian counterpart to Amorphis. Not quite good as RIITIIR, but a good performance too. All history nerds, this is for you.

8. Saimaa – Matka Mielen Ytimeen
Weird sort of a cover album. All the songs aren’t very recognizable. But the joy of playing is so huge, that this deserves a place in the sun.

9. TesseracT – Polaris
Not quite as good than in the past. Djent music is also the mainstream nowadays, so Tesseract’s “good” is not quite enough for excellence anymore. Still, this is good.

10. Arcturus – Arcturian
The band is older than Mr A and is going stranger all the time. Although there are small breaks, it must be said that the musicians are adept at. ICS Vortex vocal sound brings good and recognizable stamp of the band’s post.

What can you expect in 2016?

There will be some interesting releases. Let’s try to predict the top10 of 2016. These artists should have something coming.

1. Gojira
2. David Bowie
3. Deftones
4. Pearl Jam
5. Red Hot Chili Peppers
6. Kanye West
7. Meshuggah
8. Metallica
9. Dream Theater
10. Elton John

TOOMION TOP100: 39. Daft Punk – Random Access Memories

Producers: Thomas Bangalter, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo
Recorded: 2008-2012
Published: 17.5.2013
Label: Columbia

Topping the charts in more than 25 countries worldwide. Won five Grammy’s in 2014.

– Get Lucky
– Lose Yourself to Dance
– Doin’ It Right
– Instant Crush
– Give Life Back to Music

Men in helmets. Dog video. These were the things that reminded me of the band called Daft Punk.

The whole album works terribly well. This duo has made a qualified music in the past, but now they would once again find the arrow into the hearts of the people. Get Lucky is a frighteningly catchy dance song, but the whole album is full of the same kind and even better rhythms.

The sounds and the production is quite successful over the past. The songs have retro melodies, naive transitions, but in a so beautiful format that can’t be “bad cake” in any way. Bass sound is immediately such that the rusty Corolla DX would break down at the first round in the city.

“A kind of innocent sci-fi and exploration. That kind that you might see in a little boy.”

Thomas Bangalter & Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo are deliberately mystical characters. I believe that this so-called secret identity makes their music a little bit better. It is something that everybody wants to know. Image is sleek, chrome and deep. As the album.

In addition to Get Lucky, Doin ‘It Right and Giorgio by Moroder show you how simple is still IN. However, the best the song is Contact, which is a kind of innocent sci-fi and exploration. That kind that you might see in a little boy, when he for the first time saw Tron- or Star Wars movie clip and realized what a wonderful world of imagination can be. The album starts quietly and ends up to warp drive,.

The start of the evening this is probably the best for. And because of the sounds are so good you can listen it anywhere.

Contact – the song goes straight to the heart.


Everything shines.

Text is mainly google translated. Sorry about that.

Toomio’s TOP100: 50. Tesseract – Altered State

Producers: Acle Kahney, Amos Williams
Recorded: 2012-2013
Published: 27.5.2013
Label: Century Media Records

#94 in USA’s Billboard 200.

– Singularity

This is one of the bands, which one could say that they all play different pieces. In many places the band’s accomplishments are classified as progressive metal, but this album is not very heavy.

The band has expertise enough, but the vast know-how can be found in rhythms. One acquaintance said, that the band must use Excel to keep their band rehearsals. The band owes to Cynic. But it will indeed paid. The best sides of Tool’s music can be found in song melodies.

“Aston Martin with leather upholstery.”

The sound is first-class, but sterile. The entire production is so sterile that “math music” term is more than appropriate. Yet, the compositions are damn good. “Requires listening”. Production is so damn fine, that sounds rather chromed and shiny, even carbon fiber. Aston Martin with leather upholstery. Leather is the saxophone in some parts of the album. Elegancy.

This music is self-sustaining. There are no personalities, which would raise the value of the album. There is no story, which would be so fine that it would raise the album above the rest. There is nothing more than a blank sheet of paper, which is filled with geometric patterns.

Dress up your suit. Remember good posture. Take vodka. Listen in a white room.

Nocturne It’s no wonder that this has been a single. 

You cannot found any weak moment in this album. It’s balanced.