Toomio’S TOP100: 64. Juice Leskinen Grand Slam – Pyromaani Palaa Rikospaikalle

Producer: Anssi Tikanmäki
Recorded: 1985
Published: 1985
Label: Megamania Musiikki     

The album has sold gold in Finland in 1986.

Yes, this is a strange choice for the rest of setting the table, but I’ve listened all Juice’s production pretty carefully.

Pyromaani Palaa Rikospaikalla is the most solid work of Juice Leskinen. It may be due to the fact that between the songs, there are thoughts of pyromaniac. Something very Finnish have been reached in those stories. Complain about everything, but nobody bother to do anything that the result would be better.

Songs have differences in style, but all of them are full of ingenious playing with words. Juice’s rhymes bothers some, but I think it is characterized, not forced.

The album name is currently limbing joke, but probably the latest thing when the album has published. The songs takes a stand, as always topical Isoisän Hinttipussi ja Jenkka Uskonpuhdistamisesta (Twist) proved. Aamu alkaa A:lla probably refers to alcohol. Pyhä toimitus may tell Juice’s own story. Lyrics are very beautiful. Melody is fine, but these albums of Juice sounds like the band playing gig. Pyhä Toimitus may suffer from this a little bit.

”Uskonpuhdistus mennyt on muusiksi,
pirulle huitaisin mustepullon,
ja piru pani Raamatun u-uusiksi”
– Jenkka Uskonpuhdistamisesta (Twist)

Juice’s background bands have always the best musicians, of course, in the Finnish scale. Sounds were good enough too. The compositions are frequently some wonderful plagiates or at least pastiches in contemporary prog rock gems, but they are not replicas represented by Juice. I dislike Sakke Kuosmanen’s voice quite a lot, and this album is no exception. A chef, he probably is pretty great. Harri Marstio is from the other end, that sound is very nice.

In fact, I’ve listened Juice on the massage table, but the right place could be on the armchair. Lyrics aren’t buzzing of fly in the ears.

Jenkka Uskonpuhdistamisesta (Twist) An usual statement of Juice by this song. Juice’s opinion was that religion don’t belong to the church. “God is, even though you won’t believe it.”
Pyhä ToimitusTouching words.

Moni Sekoo Muotiin Sakari Kuosmanen’s groans are awful.