TOOMIO’s TOP100: 4. Magyar Posse – Random Avenger

Producer: Magyar Posse
Released: 17.5.2006
Label: Verdura Records

#27 in Finland

Saarijärvi. We were going to band rehearsals in January 2014. Traditional band meeting was a bit changing as regular drummer was not coming. The bassist was becoming the drummer and the aim was to make different kinds of music. My brother slapped this album into player and said that “should we do something like this?”

From that moment, Random Avenger has been one of the best albums I’ve heard. Why? Say it. There is nothing incredibly special. It’s instrumental music. All the sounds and tunes are on the right way synchronized. This album has something artistic too. Album’s cover art is also strange, but accurate. In line with the music.

Whirpool of Terror and Tension opens the album and breaks the “brain radio”. It remains to repeat the first riff at least for one day. Song video has been awarded couple of times. Ten years old album probing also today’s frightening atmosphere. Sudden Death continues threatening atmosphere in the same way, with simple keyboard pattern. Black Procession wakens melancholic feelings.

The entire album moves in the themes of breaking war. So in my imagination. It’s like a soundtrack of modern silent film. It’s even so good, that there’s no need of pictures. Instrumental music could very rarely tell so much.

European Lover passing imperceptibly with waltz rhythm, that great bass lines may go unnoticed. Magyar Posse rely on the simple progressive guitar and synth riffs, which it skillfully colored with violin, voices of woman and very accurate rhythm section. Fine example of that could be Intercontinental Hustle, which becomes very chaotic at the end. One by One offers a moment of truce until Popzag returns the album back up and running.

This is one of the toughest Finnish works.

Guitar sound is the best in the world. It bends anywhere. Breaks and shifts come as the first snow fall. As expected, but unexpectedly. Breaks will take listener there, where they should. Sandra Mahlamäki’s violin is foisted very softly in Magyar Posse’s music.

Playing isn’t over virtuoso. It’s skilled enough. I don’t deny that they would be proficient musicians. The music is progressive, but still smooth. It’s heavy without heavy guitars. It’s beautiful, even it uses harsh sounds and angular melodies. The music is like fatal drama. It would go completely in the background of films. The band could be influenced by movie music. Which band doesn’t?

The songs are similar, but completely different way from each other. This is one of the toughest Finnish works. Undervalued it still is.

Optimal listening place for this album is in the car at the very cold winter.

Whirpool of Terror and Tension –
As its name suggests, this song creates so tight tension, so that it could be cut with a knife.
Sudden Death – A good follow-up.

There’s no breaking point.

TOOMIO’s TOP100: 24. Magyar Posse – Kings of Time

Producer: Sami Sänpäkkilä
Recorded: 2003
Released: 1.3.2004
Label: Verdura Records

19# in Finnish chart.

Magyar Posse was during its lifetime a major export product to the world. Hardly anyone remember the band, although its three albums got top ratings from around the world. On the other hand post rock albums has never been sold so much.

The whole album oozes the atmosphere before the war, but not in a heavy way. In the same militant shades are shown on album covers. There’s a themes from Soviet Union, which can be found also in the compositions. Russian compositions often have something really great. Chord progressions and feelings are deep and intensive.

“Although I am a bit familiar with the band in history, I still do not remember none of the musician’s name.”

Kings of Time is not so full of contrast or ticking as later appeared Random Avenger. It hasn’t an ear-worm like Whirlpool of Terror and Tension, but it is more balanced as a whole. Tracks are named only in numbers. It helps to forget the borders, and on the other hand individual compositions too.

A variety of synth sounds are used boldly in conjunction with traditional musical instruments. I don’t like a violin so much, but with violas the atmosphere fulfilled nice.

The music not move a far away from Badalamenti, but still the sound is recognizable. Magyar Posse in a band was exciting, because it didn’t make the music so that it targeted the musicians. All the focus goes to the whole album. And it is good. Although I am a bit familiar with the band in history, I still do not remember none of the musician’s name.

Music is an essential part of a many films or certain composers. If the Unknown Soldier filmed now (it will be filmed soon), I choose this music. This could also put in Aki Kaurismäki’s films
Although I never recommend it, this is best with the headphones, lights out, and this album playing. Just before going to sleep. You will see beautiful worlds.

– Unforgettable melodies. captivating atmosphere.

The whole works. No limbos.