TOOMIO’s TOP100: 21. Muse – Absolution

Producers: John Cornfield, Rich Costey, Muse, Paul Reeve
Recorded: 2002-2003
Released: 15.9.2003
Label: East West, Taste, Warner Bros

1# in France and UK. 12# in Finland.

– Stockholm Syndrome
– Time is Running Out
– Hysteria
– Sign For Absolution
– Apocalypse Please
– Butterflies and Hurricanes

When talking about the band called Muse, we could talk about a new era of Queen. There is no stadium, which this trio doesn’t take over. Giga-class sound.

The album became to my listening by detours: my brother owned this album, which my mother listened to in the car, which I took a trip to Jyväskylä. There’s no other albums in that trip. I bought this album to my wife a present in honor of the first meeting.

Absolution was a major breakthrough. It filled the gap, which I didn’t know existed. Cover art creates an image of the entire album. At first sight chaotic, but a closer look frequented all the tangles are in a pretty sequence. Chapters are structured restless, and especially the album’s end is very strong.

Singer Matt Bellamy is currently one of the top artists. He is precisely the artist with all the neuroses and fixations. Sound registry is not from this world. However, the mere sound is not everything, but the maximum capacity of a man is found when someone give him a composing pen. The band moves so fast between hooks, sounds, technical masturbation shredding and beautiful ambience that they must have right to use both lanes of the highway.

“Muse manages to be strenuous at times”

The lyrics are not as pompous as you could imagine when thinking the band’s ego. They are only created simple, even silly punchlines, but there must be something real too. Blackout would be suitable for the funeral. Butterflies and Hurricanes has behaved like Bohemian Rhapsody. Strangeness represents Ruled by Secrecy with very strange piano chords. Thoughts of a Dying Atheist’s named such that it arouses interest.

Muse manages to be strenuous at times, but the best album pursuing up to top positions. Now it’ss a well-established position on this. At least for this year. Listen up twice, but during two different days.

Ruled by Secrecy –
Something so good. I cannot explain.

Depending on the day the whole plate may sound awful, but mainly really good.