The Essence of Metal – 8. Others moved to the psychedelia, The Kinks chose riffs


The Kinks was set up at the same time with The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. All of them picked inspiration from American rhythm and blues music, and after the initial coverings they began to write their own songs. In 1963, The Kinks got its final name after many previous. That year, the band also got the chance to make a demo album.

There are many versions of The Kinks name, but this can be said in the metal: the band was dressed in leather jackets and jewels, so the term kinky described them well. And leather is always connected to metal.

The band was already dripping from the path of success until the super hit You Really Got Me got them back to the sky. The song didn’t get the right kind of sound before Dave Davies came up to slice the hole of his amplifier into the loudspeaker diaphragm. This caused the song to become familiar with the cracked sound. The song was scared producer Shel Talmy, but eventually he also agreed to recording it. The single rose to the top of the British list and even to the top ten in US.

The Kinks didn’t go into so popular psychedelic rock at that time, but stayed in simple riff music. The impact on many of the later hard rock and metal bands is obvious. Ray Davies‘s voice and outburst are like a shy Lemmy. Although the music is still like Beach Boys, there is a sense of frustration with metal and energy. For example, in Got Love If You Want It you could hear a very metallic bargaining round with the twisting drum fills. As influential, the band has named such metal names as Van Halen, Black Sabbath and Metallica.

Sample album Kinks (1964) is a mixed set of songs that have been played in gigs before the recording. There are significant visitors from there. For example, Bald Headed Woman plays as lightweight duo as Jimmy Page and Jon Lord.

As a video, of course, You Really Got Me, in which we hear power chords and heavy riffing.