TOOMIO’s TOP100: 41. Stam1na – Uudet Kymmenen Käskyä

Producers: Stam1na, Miitri Aaltonen
Published: 10.6.2006
Label: Sakara Records

Metal Album of The Year in Finland at 2006.

– Edessäni
– Likainen Parketti

When I was a poor student, I listened to this album on my mp3’player, which doesn’t even fit the entire album at once. However, those trips to school and back were quite nice. The player’s battery lasted almost 10 minutes almost every time.

The second album of Stam1na appeared immediately after I had first contact with the band. Previous album’s a bit patchy appearance had changed to substantially coherent work. Songs sounds familiar to Devin Townsend fan. That wasn’t bad.

Covers are a little harsh. Photoshopping with basic skills, but it’s not the main thing. Not perhaps the biggest attraction for impulse buying, however.

The album’s slides towards and ingenious riffs are a good support for the entire album. Even choruses have been so sticky that they are hanging up until they’ll change annoying. It’s, of course, be pointed out that in this era of Stam1na was more like “music for musicians” than good drinking songs for drunks . Nowadays, pop elements has become a part of Stam1na’s music.

At the side of sounds all is clear expect bass sounds. Bass only makes a backgrounf noise and mass. Clear and sharp sounds are good for this kind of music. Stam1na has never been brilliant with middle-tempo songs. Full speed and eccentric melodies propel the band forward the best. For example, In Merestä Maalle’s rowing riff you can see the evolution in your eyes. The Vapaa Maa’s guitar solo and the preceding slowing part is a masterpiece. These are insightful metal composing, which, unfortunately, is just too little nowadays. Small copying or at least tributation the above-mentioned Devin is noticeable, but otherwise the music is original.

. “Democracy is only the option” gives food for thought, although it is an obvious provocation.

While the majority of shots hit to the head, there’s a couple of misses also found, but fortunately they aren’t in a size of entire song. One of these is Ovi, that violates the good roasting. Kaksi Reittiä, Yksi Suunta is almost perfect song, but the chorus is pulled slow. A great injustice.

Uudet Kymmenen Käskyä is probably involving the best lyrics of Stam1na. Viisi Laukausta Päähän is in the center of various political issues also in nowadays. Edessäni dealing with changes in the world and at the same time the transformation of humanity. Vapaa Maa criticized the free choice of man, and even its very existence. Or rather, what is considered ideal and what is to us citizens taught ideal. “Democracy is only the option” gives food for thought, although it is an obvious provocation.

This must be listened when you driving to work. Preferably by bicycle. This increases the comfort of adrenaline before the unattractive jobs. Alternatively, before running competition. For the same reason.

Merestä Maalle The most successful song incompositional and lyrically
Viisi Laukausta Päähän The lyrics encounter the atmosphere

Ovi Clearly weaker than others.

Toomio’s TOP100: 53. Stam1na – Viimeinen Atlantis

Producer: Miitri Aaltonen
Recorded: 2009-2010
Published: 10.2.2010
Label: Sakara Records

#1 in Finnish chart. Sold platinum in 2012.

I had to read for the last big exams, but it was a bit difficult, ‘cause the new Stam1na published. My brother ordered me a special edition CD, which includes a handsome booklet.

Previous album Raja had been a slight disappointment in the public. So Stam1na had to do better. The theme of the album is about climate change.

In the first album Stam1na was traditional technical trash, the second album was Devin-style prog-thrash and the third was dry and raw sounds. Now we came back to the softer sounds. In this album keyboards were, for the first time, the official part of the band, as Emil Lähteenmäki named as official member. The songs follow and support each other. Playing is technically skilled and Hyrde can sing. For me the band has always worked better from the album. I don’t like their live fooling and the weakness of the sounds gig situations.

“Fast-action songs of Stam1na are mainly gold, but the slow sections don’tt reach the medals.”

Viimeinen Atlantis is a little pretentious name, but is suitable for Stam1na line. The lyrics clearly being invested, but they have contributed to unpleasant disgust realistic phrases. Fast-action songs of Stam1na are mainly gold, but the slow sections don’t reach the medals.

The story rolls forward. Stam1na’s strength is the fact.  Not many bands from the same genre in Finnish charts. Stam1na is out there running for ten years already.

Elämän TarkoitusHappy rock has a stimulating and extremely rare element in the Finnish heavy metal music.

Viimeinen AtlantisToo slow.

Toomio’s TOP100: 62. Stam1na – Raja

Producer: Janne Joutsenniemi
Recorded: 2007
Published: 13.2.2008
Label: Sakara Records

#1. in Finnish chart. Sold gold in 2010.

Stam1na dived into Devin Townsend’s turbo-charged world of sound on their second album. It’s been surprise, that Raja sounds so raw, cold and hard.

At first the album sounded boring. Who wants so harsh ramming? However, after many spins I found the golden heart of album. After breaking through on the rough surface, the album gives a lot of pleasure.

Hammasratas starts the album with power. It’s so fast that you would like that the speed remains until the end. It won’t, but despite the lack of pace the songs are solid. Stam1na’s lyrics are sometimes full of clichés as “too much blood in alcohol”-type of phrases. I don’t like them. However, I know that the people on those black hoodies likes. The album lyrics aren’t as strong as usual, but the vocal melodies are beginning to be quite proficient. This album is so-called transition phase before the final style of Stam1na’s sound.

This should listen on a cold winter, when walking on to work, school, or store. This gives a suitable aggression before the destination.

Hammasratas – A terrifying pace and good words.
Muuri – Partly predictable story gets contagious form.

Vartijaton No more thrash-ballads, please.