The Essence of Metal – 13. Buffalo Springfield Sets The Way for The Coming Prog Wave


Buffalo Springfield sounds a strange band. When investigating more closely, Neil Young and Stephen Stills will come out. I’m not going to tell more about Neil Young, but Stephen Stills subsequently founded the band Crosby, Stills and Nash, which would be much more familiar than Buffalo Springfield.

The band was founded in 1966 and fame was immediately imitated. Stephen Stills has later gained publicity as a bit difficult person in his bands, and career with Neil Young didn’t make the exception. Two guitarist-singers, who wanted to be the band’s leading figures. Well, the skill and passion for music was, however, so great that the band stayed on despite minor problems.

Neil Young is no longer a great singer. In the late 60’s, Young sang very beautifully. Stills, moreover, has been given the praise of instrumental music. However the overwhelming force was the compositions that are played by this foolishly labelled example album Buffalo Springfield Again (1967).

The band is defined as folk/psychedelic/countryrock, but in the end it doesn’t seem to be any of them. The opening song, Mr. Soul, sounds like Rolling StonesSatisfaction, but has a faster tempo. The following tracks are anything between the folk-country-rock-blues-progrock-etc… Artistic but somehow confusing.

The metal connection can be found on a few riff-shaped pieces like Mr. Soul. Guitar sounds are heavy in some places too. The guitar mix includes some elements from heavy guitar duos and fuzz-sound. Even though the album isn’t the actually progressive rock album, it has been covered by metal-bands such as Rush and Queensrüche.

Watch this video just about that one of the songs mentioned above. Neil Young has a fairly intense grip on the show.


The Essence of Metal – 8. Others moved to the psychedelia, The Kinks chose riffs


The Kinks was set up at the same time with The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. All of them picked inspiration from American rhythm and blues music, and after the initial coverings they began to write their own songs. In 1963, The Kinks got its final name after many previous. That year, the band also got the chance to make a demo album.

There are many versions of The Kinks name, but this can be said in the metal: the band was dressed in leather jackets and jewels, so the term kinky described them well. And leather is always connected to metal.

The band was already dripping from the path of success until the super hit You Really Got Me got them back to the sky. The song didn’t get the right kind of sound before Dave Davies came up to slice the hole of his amplifier into the loudspeaker diaphragm. This caused the song to become familiar with the cracked sound. The song was scared producer Shel Talmy, but eventually he also agreed to recording it. The single rose to the top of the British list and even to the top ten in US.

The Kinks didn’t go into so popular psychedelic rock at that time, but stayed in simple riff music. The impact on many of the later hard rock and metal bands is obvious. Ray Davies‘s voice and outburst are like a shy Lemmy. Although the music is still like Beach Boys, there is a sense of frustration with metal and energy. For example, in Got Love If You Want It you could hear a very metallic bargaining round with the twisting drum fills. As influential, the band has named such metal names as Van Halen, Black Sabbath and Metallica.

Sample album Kinks (1964) is a mixed set of songs that have been played in gigs before the recording. There are significant visitors from there. For example, Bald Headed Woman plays as lightweight duo as Jimmy Page and Jon Lord.

As a video, of course, You Really Got Me, in which we hear power chords and heavy riffing.


The Essence of Metal – 14. Heavy Metal for The First Time


In the aftermath of the Second World War, in German’s Tilsit (which is now Russia and called Sovetsk) was born, John Kay. He moved to Canada with her mother in law, at the end of the 50s. After times he eventually moved to California. There The Sparrows became Steppenwolf.

Steppenwolf has become popular with Born to Be Wild. A blatant rock song was heard in a small budget cult movie Easy Rider, whose influence on the motorist culture is very strong. The song also tells about motorcycles.

In this song, the term “heavy metal” was also heard the first time in music. Although it’s a reference to parts of a motorcycle, but the term grew iconic. The lyrics say, “I like smoke and lightning, Heavy metal Thunder…” This song has covered over 50 names from famous artists. The most famous of them are Slayer, Bruce Springsteen and Blue Öyster Cult.

In addition, Steppenwolf has a very strong effect to the metal or at least hard rock. A colorful organ player, Goldy McJohn, is considered to be one of the founders of heavier style. The band’s history also includes a variety of crew changes and black leather look, so some metal elements can be easily met. As an influence or impulse, the band has mentioned at least by Deep Purple, Ozzy Osborne and Slade.

An example album Steppenwolf (1968) was recorded in a few days. Maybe that’s why the album is quite fragmented. Yes, there are some of the classic rock songs that have already been mentioned in the story series, cited by Willie Dixon‘s Hoochie Coochie Man.

We don’t need to mention the example song.


The Essence of Metal – 12. The Troggs started to set up punk rock


The Troggs was born on the initiative of the childhood friends Reg Presley and Ronnie Bond. The band found their way to the public when The Kinks‘s manager banged the band and signed it.

The final fame was guaranteed when The Troggs decided to cover Chip Taylor‘s Wild Thing. The song was ranked number one on the US Billboard. Even though the song is not their own, you can hear The Troggs’ style in it. Raw and simple sounds, beating chords and more attitude than skilled vocal work. Contrasting the band’s music, they brought they dressed up to conservative coats and straight trousers.

The effects to metal goes through the punk. The Ramones has publicly named the band their biggest influence. This has also been done by Jimi Hendrix, who is often covered Wild Thing by himself. Music can also find nuances in stoner music. Their songs has versioned at least one black metal band, the Norwegian Ulver. Another well-known song, Love is All Around, is covered by R.E.M. and Wet Wet Wet.

Simple, even controversial riffs can be considered as metal if you want. The band also received a disapproval of their sexually explicit lyrics and their “overexecutive” way of announcing the words. This be an advantage in the metal sphere, even though their playing skills aren’t so high.

The example album is the debut, From Nowhere (1966), which starts with Wild Thing. The A-side of the vinyl is garbled rock and punk mixes that you can easily listen to. On the B side, however, there’s nothing to do with the metal. The remaining six songs are pretty poor pop songs or ballads.

The video cannot be other than Wild Thing.


The Essence of Metal – 9. At the Source of grunge and punk


In the mid-1960s, psychedelia and rock n’ roll began to get even more straightforward forms. Washington’s The Sonics found a straighter path to bring it out. The band covered blues and rock n ‘roll classics with a sharper touch, but also made their own songs.

Rough and simple riffs and songs played with more attitude than skill took the music quite high. The recordings were handled roughly live. Drums with one mic. The drum sound is one of the things that determining the band. For example, Kurt Cobain has stated the following: ”I, I have to admit… The Sonics recorded very, very cheaply on a two track you know, and they just used one microphone over the drums, and they got the most amazing drum sound I’ve ever heard. Still to this day, it’s still my favourite drum sound. It sounds like he’s hitting harder than anyone I’ve ever known.”

Many bands have mentioned The Sonics, when asking about their influence. The most well-known ones are Bruce Springsteen and Nirvana. Both have also covered the band.

The effect on metal will surely be through the grunge or, alternatively, the path through the punk. Riffs, fierce clamor and uncompromising attitude – They gets far!
The sample album Here Are The Sonics (1965) is a mixture of their own and the cover songs, which is passed through a grunge / punk screen. The Sonics’ own influences don’t need to look further than this song list.

As a video example, this time, comeback recording. The attitude still lives on.