The Essence of Metal – 8. Others moved to the psychedelia, The Kinks chose riffs


The Kinks was set up at the same time with The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. All of them picked inspiration from American rhythm and blues music, and after the initial coverings they began to write their own songs. In 1963, The Kinks got its final name after many previous. That year, the band also got the chance to make a demo album.

There are many versions of The Kinks name, but this can be said in the metal: the band was dressed in leather jackets and jewels, so the term kinky described them well. And leather is always connected to metal.

The band was already dripping from the path of success until the super hit You Really Got Me got them back to the sky. The song didn’t get the right kind of sound before Dave Davies came up to slice the hole of his amplifier into the loudspeaker diaphragm. This caused the song to become familiar with the cracked sound. The song was scared producer Shel Talmy, but eventually he also agreed to recording it. The single rose to the top of the British list and even to the top ten in US.

The Kinks didn’t go into so popular psychedelic rock at that time, but stayed in simple riff music. The impact on many of the later hard rock and metal bands is obvious. Ray Davies‘s voice and outburst are like a shy Lemmy. Although the music is still like Beach Boys, there is a sense of frustration with metal and energy. For example, in Got Love If You Want It you could hear a very metallic bargaining round with the twisting drum fills. As influential, the band has named such metal names as Van Halen, Black Sabbath and Metallica.

Sample album Kinks (1964) is a mixed set of songs that have been played in gigs before the recording. There are significant visitors from there. For example, Bald Headed Woman plays as lightweight duo as Jimmy Page and Jon Lord.

As a video, of course, You Really Got Me, in which we hear power chords and heavy riffing.


The Essence of Metal – 12. The Troggs started to set up punk rock


The Troggs was born on the initiative of the childhood friends Reg Presley and Ronnie Bond. The band found their way to the public when The Kinks‘s manager banged the band and signed it.

The final fame was guaranteed when The Troggs decided to cover Chip Taylor‘s Wild Thing. The song was ranked number one on the US Billboard. Even though the song is not their own, you can hear The Troggs’ style in it. Raw and simple sounds, beating chords and more attitude than skilled vocal work. Contrasting the band’s music, they brought they dressed up to conservative coats and straight trousers.

The effects to metal goes through the punk. The Ramones has publicly named the band their biggest influence. This has also been done by Jimi Hendrix, who is often covered Wild Thing by himself. Music can also find nuances in stoner music. Their songs has versioned at least one black metal band, the Norwegian Ulver. Another well-known song, Love is All Around, is covered by R.E.M. and Wet Wet Wet.

Simple, even controversial riffs can be considered as metal if you want. The band also received a disapproval of their sexually explicit lyrics and their “overexecutive” way of announcing the words. This be an advantage in the metal sphere, even though their playing skills aren’t so high.

The example album is the debut, From Nowhere (1966), which starts with Wild Thing. The A-side of the vinyl is garbled rock and punk mixes that you can easily listen to. On the B side, however, there’s nothing to do with the metal. The remaining six songs are pretty poor pop songs or ballads.

The video cannot be other than Wild Thing.


The Essence of Metal – 11. Super Group Brought Music Closer to Heavy Metal


Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton says something at least for their names. The whole trio played in The Yardbirds on a sample album Having a Rave Up with The Yardbirds (1965). Although they didn’t play at the same time, but these are the names behind this album.

The Yardbirds is said to have brought American blues music to the British audience. The band was also the first to start playing metal. The playing style of all three guitar players must still be recognized. This album it’s even experimental, especially by Beck and Page, what they have always been. The band brought guitar effects as feedback and Fuzztone among the bigger audience. Say one stoner band without a fuzz?

At that time, Clapton withdrawn the band, because he was anxious when the band moved away from blues music. The band want Jimmy Page in the studio, but he refused and recommended Jeff Beck to replace him. After Beck left behind with internal contradictions, Page agreed to play the rest of the concerts. To complete all the concerts in the future, Jimmy Page set up The New Yardbirds with John Paul Jones, which later became a bit more famous Led Zeppelin.

As a music, The Yardbirds is closer to psychedelic rock than traditional rock. There’s a name for that music trend in British music at 60’s. It’s Freakbeat. It mixes blues with psychedelia and Britpop. The Yardbirds also play it little bit heavier.

The band has been an influence for so many other bands. Let’s mention Ritchie Blackmore, whose Rainbow has covered the Still I’m Sad from this example album.

This video tells about that era of the Swinging London phenomenon. It’s a kind of 60’s hipster movement.


TOOMIO’s TOP100: 5. Anathema – A Fine Day to Exit

Producer: Nick Griffiths
Recorded: 2000-2001
Released: 9.10.2001
Label: Music For Nations

#34 in Finland. The only record with drummer John Douglas has worked as a composer.

– Pressure

Until this album was Anathema only “pretty ok” Judgement to me. After I had seen the video of Pressure, I began to listen this band.

The entire album moves as so happy subject as suicide. Theme album it is. The cover image is perfect image of the start of the 2000s. On the other hand, the artwork tells a little too much of the story of album.

The songs are clear, but atmospheric. The album deals with suicide more by getting bored than by the despair. The tracks are not profoundly sad. They are more melancholy. The suicide is handled through different emotional states. There is abandonment, panic, hatred and schizophrenia. Lyric side has traces of the band’s previous Gothic times.

Melodies are beautiful. Especially the bass lines are comfortable. The album’s essence is grey, and the colour will remain, even if the tempo varies. Single and opening track Pressure presents itself with a piano and whistling guitars create an image of slowly decomposing head. Release resembles about Judgement’s guitar work, but leans also towards Radiohead. Looking Outside Inside’s first part is like Anathema nowadays. On the other hand, the chorus sounds like guitarists playing in Nirvana. However, racking grunge fully supports the theme.

Leave No Trace returns to nauseam and the feeling of smallness. The chorus says a lot of the atmosphere:

“Here and now
We are gone in a heartbeat
A dream in the
Passage your time

Chances are failing
This world isn’t waiting
The moment is passing you by”

Even I have lived so long that I’ve met self-destructive people. Underworld is formed, at least in my eyes, a narrative of how the majority of people know what suffering souls should be done. It’s not always so easy to accept. The brain functioning in power saving mode. Instructions grows anger. Barriers offers a peace after rage. But only for a moment before Panic, which perhaps has the best lyrics on this album:

”Whispers coming from the next room
Window cleaner keep on SPYING
I put my hands up to my eyes
But the HOLES in my PALMS let me find
A way to corner me

Twelve tonnes hammer for My breakfast…”

Album title track starts a little unresponsive after Panic’s manic pace, but after a while it turns out to be very satisfactory piece. The lyrics move toward great decision. The album ends with Temporary Peace. Every one may actually make own conclusions about what is the destiny of narrator.

Every song is in the right place on this album. There’s some remastered version, where the order of songs is changed, but Wikipedia tells the correct order. Technically, the quality of production is still high. Even in the sounds of synths, even they sound like cheap pre-set sounds. I’ve also always liked Anathema way to mix drum sounds. There is not a lot of audiophiles. They sound like rehearsals, which is a good thing.

There’s no weak moments on A Fine Day to Exit. The album is just the cases that need to listen through once. This is definitely an autumn Monday’s record. Coming home from work later than normal, at dinner yesterday’s sauce, warmed in the microwave and the flu symptoms begin.

Take your headphones, take a seat on the couch, look at the rain and listen to this album.

Barriers ja Panic –
Tells everything about the perfect placing of songs.

This is so f*****g brilliant!

This is a compilation of three albums. There’s the original track list of A Fine Day Exit.